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Stacey Hylen
Business Optimizer Coach 

You probably started your business so you can create financial abundance and more freedom in your life but soon found out that that isn't as easy as it sounds.  Many entrepreneurs struggle in this feast or famine rollercoaster for years but you CAN grow your business without working 24/7.

If you want to double your sales, you don't need to hustle or work 10X's harder, you need to OPTIMIZE.

I will help you optimize your:

I have found tens of millions of dollars in hidden profits for my clients, in diverse industries in all types of economies, that they couldn't see for themselves. Are you next?  

What Clients Have To Say About Stacey

Diana Lidstone

 The Entrepreneur's GPS

"A shout out to Stacey Hylen she gently pushed me out of my comfort zone!  Without her, I won't have doubled my business over the last year!  Thank You Stacey!"

Don Norwood

“Last Year Stacey Helped Me To Implement 1 Profit Booster, and It Gave Us a 178% Increase In Sales …” 

Sue-Anne Hickey,
”I found $93,000 in hidden profits,

and I can’t wait to implement them all and watch my success skyrocket next year, and all of these hidden profits come to fruition."

About Stacey Hylen

Stacey Hylen is an internationally recognized business growth strategist, author and coach and was named International Coach of the Year in 2016. For over 16 years Stacey has been helping 6-7 figure entrepreneurs with powerful marketing and sales strategies to get more clients, more profit and more time off to enjoy who and what they love.

She is the author of the soon to be published book, Hidden Profits: More Clients & Cash. She is the creator of several popular programs, "The Hidden Profits System”, "Become a Magnet: Attracting Your Perfect Clients" and “Selling with Confidence: Getting a Yes Without Being Pushy”.She served as Vice President of Consulting and a Senior Coach for Chet Holmes’ and Anthony Robbins’ world renowned Business Mastery Program.

Stacey has been featured and quoted in CNN, INC, MSN Money, Fox Business and Entrepreneur Magazine and many other media outlets throughout North America. 

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